Mengenai Kami 




Rojam Industries Sdn Bhd operate since 1992. Its is fully own by Bumiputera and know as the pioneer manufacturer and distributor of herbs products in Malaysia. The first factory was build and operated in Langkawi island, Kedah Darul Aman with pay-up capital RM10,000.00 to fulfill the high demand for the local herds and traditional medicine market, we had registered Penawar Industries Sdn Bhd in year of 1996. It main function are as the marketer of the herb product and also function as the planner to strategise more opportunities for the company and consumers as well. Using ROJAM as the brandname. Until today, company successly has more than 130 products in market with annual capital RM 15 milion. Year by year the demand of our products is highly increase. To fulfill it, we had opened another factory to produce more products for the market. This factory locate in Sungai Petani, Kedah(our first factory is un Langkawi). On 1 January 1998, our factory got the GMP( GoodManufacturing Practice) Certificate and also hold the halal certification from JAKIM.


All the product which we produce from our factory are guaranteed good in condition, hygiejic and safe. We have 3 categories of products which are herbs supplement, cosmetic and toiletteries.To realize and spread our wings wider, we believe the functionality of new technology is important but in the other hand, we also strongly believe that the good relation between human and human is more important. Together we build the company., country and our world. Together we make peace.